Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
DeliverAid is funded by public donations. These generous donations pay for healthy, nourishing meals for NHS frontline staff to be made by independent restaurants who kindly lend their staff, facilities and supplies to the cause. Our amazing restaurant partners deliver meals directly to local hospitals, where an NHS liaison receives and fairly distributes them amongst their colleagues.  

Where does my donation go?
Your donation goes directly towards feeding NHS staff who are tirelessly fighting the COVID-19 crisis on our behalf. Your donation is used as efficiently as possible to source ingredients, prepare, package and deliver the meals, at a cost of between £1.50 and £5 per portion (depending on the day’s menu). In this way, your donation has the added benefit of keeping the lights on at our partner restaurants, and supporting their small-business supply chains, many of which are threatened with closure due to the ongoing crisis. 

Additionally, a fraction of your donation is used to cover payment processing costs. Donorbox, our fundraising software, charges 1.5% of each donation (which you can add to your donation at checkout, if you’d like – but there’s absolutely no obligation!). Stripe, our payments platform, takes an additional 2.9% + USD$0.30 per card transaction. So if you donate £10, £9.32 will be used to fund meals. It’s as lean as we can possibly be, whilst still ensuring the stability of the platform and the security of your donations.

Where does DeliverAid operate?
For now, our operations focus on London given the concentration of both COVID-19 patients and NHS staff, as well to leverage the efficiencies of delivering within a geographically limited, highly populated area. We are actively developing our plans to expand to other parts of the country as soon as logistically feasible, as well as expanding our services to other recipients in need.   

Does DeliverAid make a profit?
No, we are a non-profit organisation. All donations go solely towards the pursuit of our charitable objective - to support frontline NHS staff and the most vulnerable. Our small, dedicated team works entirely on a pro-bono basis. DeliverAid C.I.C. is a registered community interest company limited by guarantee. We’re in the process of converting to full charitable status.

Is my donation safe?
We use Donorbox software to operate our fundraising platform. It is fully secured by SSL/ TLS and PCI compliant, and all credit card information is encrypted. Donorbox does not store any card or bank data. Payments are processed by Stripe, which is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

How can I help?
If you own or operate a restaurant and you want to support NHS staff, please get in touch via our form here. Otherwise, you can reach the DeliverAid team with any other questions at