Help feed the heroes on the NHS frontline – donate towards healthy meals delivered directly to NHS staff.
Let's take care of the people taking care of us.
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How it works

People like you make a donation
Wholesome meals are prepared by various chefs
Warm food is delivered to frontline NHS staff by volunteers

Our story

We all see the fight the NHS is taking to the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly to keep the nation safe. At DeliverAid, we're getting fresh, hot meals to frontline staff when they need it most. We're teaming up with restaurants who have also taken a hit, mobilising them to turn their skills to feeding our NHS heroes: the receptionists, ambulance drivers, cleaners, nurses and doctors.

DeliverAid was the idea of doctor Jack Manley, who, working in A&E departments across London has seen the tireless efforts of colleagues across the service, and the difficulty in getting proper sustenance to keep bodies and morale healthy. DeliverAid was set up to make sure frontline staff have the fuel they need to do their jobs, and to make use of empty kitchens and surplus stock, while giving people at home a way of showing their support.

For the price of your morning coffee or daily commute, you can be a hero from home and support the heroes that are putting their lives on the line to save others.

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